Project Overview

The overall LAURA project goal is the development of regional and interregional electronic commerce zones with an emphasis in the interfacing with Associate States thus safeguarding a smoother integration environment with the European Union.
It achieves this goal by means of a shared project through the collaboration of local and regional authorities and administrations, and the exchange of experiences between different countries and regions. In the project Adaptive Zones for Regional and Interregional Electronic Commerce were set up based on the concepts of Request-Based Virtual Organizations and sector-specific Service Level Agreements, for improving access to the European market for small businesses.
The creation of those zones was based on the utilisation of a powerful concept, namely this of a specific type of the Virtual Organization (VO) taxonomy that is the Request-Based Virtual Organization (RBVO). This type of VO comprises a cluster of partnering organizations that have totally replaced their vertical integration into a virtual one.
In addition, Support Centres were established in European Less Favoured Regions, which could act as intermediaries between companies in case of dispute, and which could guarantee the trustworthiness of the companies involved in e-commerce transactions.

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Project Funded by the European Community under the "Information Society Technology" Programme (1998-2002)