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Invitation to the European Workshop on eGovernment Competences

The COMPATeGov Consortium invites you to the “European Workshop on eGovernment Competences”, where the COMPATeGov competence model for  eGovernment as well as the related COMPATeGov tools will be presented. Furthermore, insightful contributions from related European projects will be introduced.

The European Workshop will take place on September, 25th, 2012, on the Senate Administration of the Interior and Sports Klosterstraße 47, 10179 Berlin, Germany.

In order to participate to the European Workshop please fill-in the Registration Form which is available at:

COMPATeGov is a European Project funded by European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) Initiative.
COMPATeGov has identified and analysed e-Government competence standards for public personnel and developed the COMPATeGov competence model for the personnel of the public sector. Furthermore, the COMPATeGov competence model has been integrated with the European Qualification Framework and harmonised with national qualification frames and education systems.
For detailed information please visit us at:

Kind Regards,
The COMPATeGov Consortium

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