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Public Deliverables

NumberDeliverable Title
Submission Date
Dissemination PlanJuly 2009
D.1.1Stakeholders Needs Regarding EA
September 2009
EA Learning Ontology
September 2009
D.2.1EA Active, Problem Based Learning MethodologyJanuary 2010
D.3.4Web 2.0 EA Learning PlatformSeptember 2010
EA Undergraduate CourseNovember 2010
D.3.2EA VET Course for Private Sector EmployeesNovember 2010
D.4.1Pilot and Evaluation Plan December 2010
EA VET Course for Public Sector EmployeesDecember 2010
Pilot and Evaluation Report
December 2010
D.5.2Dissemination Activities Report
December 2010
Final Report
December 2010



The project's interim Progress Report is now available by EACEA at:


Another outcome of the work in the EAtrain2 project is a publically available online bibliography representing the outcomes of the literature review conducted in relation to Work Package 2. The public online bibliography is available at:



Moreover, a number of teaching and learning practices related to active, problem based learning, web 2.0 and EA-training have been developed. These have been uploaded to ( ). Methopedia is a wiki-based community for sharing learning designs and resources and it has been developed as part of another LLP-project called COMBLE ( )



Another key activity has been the planning and running of a design workshop during a project meeting based on the CoED method (Collaborative   E-learning Design Method)  ( ).
The CoED method has successfully been used a number of times in relation to helping practitioners develop online or blended learning courses. The  CoED method utilises a number of cards and a tool for generating these cards is available from: