Work Packages

WP1 – User Requirements and Framework Creation

The key objectives of WP1 include:

  • Identification of the key twitter accounts, handles and dynamic groups at which to target ASK operations
  • Identification of the key policy makers and influence communities on twitter and their respective twitter handles and hashtags
  • Gathering of user needs and requirements in relation to the creation of the ASK Data Broker Framework and its subsequent deployment, management, and analysis
  • Production of a blueprint for the design and delivery of ASK Data Broker Framework

WP2 – Dashboard Integration and Testing

WP2 has the following high-level objectives:

  • Analyse existing offerings (both by the research community and the industry) as regards ICT tools and methods for facilitating open engagement
  • Map existing ICT tools and methods to the stages of the policy lifecycle model showing how each tool can support each of the decision making activities identified in WP1
  • Define the critical factors for selecting the most appropriate ICT tools or methods to be adopted by a PA
  • Perform an in-depth comparative analysis of ICT tools and methods based on the defined selection factors

WP3 – Broker Pilots

Key objectives of this WP include:

  • Select and detail the topics for each project pilot
  • Apply the #ASK framework in each pilot case to determine how the pilot should be performed
  • Prepare a comprehensive plan for pilot implementation and operation
  • Set up a proper methodology (both quantitative and qualitative) for assessing the pilot results
  • Perform all needed activities (both technical and organisational) for implementing the pilot and preparing its launch
  • Ensure a smooth and uninterrupted execution of the pilot operation

WP4 – Evaluation and Validation

The objectives of this WP are:

  • Put in place measures to capture feedback for evaluating the pilots and reporting back to WP4, monitor the pilots and capture such feedback
  • Perform pilots’ evaluation and provide lessons learnt and recommendations for future implementations

WP5 – Dissemination and Exploitation of results

This work package will oversee communications & exploitation of the project with the following objectives:

  • Elaborate and implement an integrated communication strategy focused at specific target groups through selected communication channels.
  • Design and implement the project website and promotional material such as common layout for presentations, project logo, brochures, newsletters for designated stakeholders to keep them informed about the project’s progress and successful achievement of project objectives.
  • Disseminate the results to as broad an audience as possible.
  • Investigate the underlying market-driven needs/conditions and the different opportunities for exploitation.
  • Clarify issues relevant to intellectual property rights and legal implications.
  • Define and roll out a viable plan for exploitation and sustainability of results after the project end.

WP6 – Project Management and Quality Assurance

This Work Package will encompass all aspects of the operational management of the project including partner reporting and risk management. The WP has the following objectives:

  • Perform strategic and day-to-day administrative, financial, scientific and technical management of the project, according to the management structure described in section 3.1.3.
  • Ensure the sound management of project activities and the fulfillment of project objectives.
  • Monitor resource usage, budget allocation and project cash flow.
  • Ensure efficient communication within the consortium and reassure effective liaison with the EC, other projects, communities and other bodies as required.