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The University of Macedonia (UOM) of Economic and Social Sciences was established in 1948 and currently has eight departments, seven departmental and three interdepartmental postgraduate programmes. The University’s Research Committee has a long record in research and educational activities including participation in European programmes such as Erasmus-Socrates, Erasmus-ECTS, ADAPT, Leonardo, Tempus, Med-Campus, IST, FP, LLP, Interreg, FORSEE, etc. Its mission is to coordinate and manage the research activities of the University.

Combining the scientific fields of Business Administration and Information Technology, the Information Systems Laboratory operates as a part of the Business Administration Department of UOM and is directed by Prof. Konstantinos Tarabanis. The laboratory’s areas of expertise vary and include:

  • Conceptual and domain modelling
  • Open Data and Linked Data
  • Social media, Web 2.0 and semantic technologies
  • eGovernment and eParticipation
  • eLearning and learning analytics