Topics are the part of the Dashboard where users can create and manage topics of their interest. In general, you can create any topic, assign specific hashtags (keywords) to it and also see handles associated with the topic.

1. Overview

To quickly navigate through available topics, users can either click on the < and > near the topic names, or they can use the dropdown menu and select any available topic.


In the screenshot above, we are located within the Democracy & human rights topic, and we can see that at this point there are no tweets collected related to that topic.

In the sidebar on the left-hand side, under the Keywords section, we see hashtag #democracy. This is a quick overview of the keywords related to the topic.

However, when users start using the Dashboard for the first time, there might not be any topics as they need to be added. To add and manage topics, users should click on Manage topics link. That process is described in the next chapter.

2. Topic management

Once the users click Manage topic link, they will be presented with the screen where they can manage existing topics or create new ones.


In our case, as shown in the screenshot, we are now positioned within the Democracy & human rights topic. We can see that the Relevant keywords are #democracy. We can remove that keyword or hashtag or add new ones. Topics can be renamed by just clicking on their name and typing in a new name. Deletion is also possible – users need to click on a trash can.

Section Top influencers will show handles associated with the specific topic. This means that all the handles we add under the Handles section and associate them with Democracy & human rights topic will appear here, together with their affiliation (Youth or Policy maker), Klout score and the number of conversations they contributed to.

New topics can be easily created by clicking on a Create new topic link in the sidebar one the left-hand side.

Keep in mind that all changes must be saved by clicking the Save changes button. Otherwise, they will be lost!