The Toolbar provides quick access to the components of the Dashboard (sections area), the search area, the button for composing new tweets and the user account settings.


1. Sections Area


      • Home (the Homepage itself)
      • Handles
      • Topics
      • Conversations and
      • Infographics

Clicking on a specific component will lead the user to the screen where they can access related functionalities. Handles will deal with user handles (@names), Topics will offer an overview of existing topics and their management, Conversations will deal with brokered conversations and, lastly, the Infographics module allows for upload and management of the infographics themselves. Each of these screens will be described in detail in the following chapters.

Keep in mind that currently active and selected section is underlined with the red line so that it provides a clear understanding of the current location. In the screenshot above, we are located in the Home section.

2. Search area


Search anything box allows users to search for content within the Dashboard. Users can search for anything – tweets or handles, for example. If, for example, users type in the search term “europe” they will see that the search will return handles (@names) and tweets containing the search term. Clicking on those results will take users to corresponding pages.


3. Compose New Tweet


One of the main features of the Dashboard is the ability to create content – tweets. The most obvious way to do so is by clicking on the Compose new Tweet button located in the toolbar.

After users click the button, a new dialog will appear, allowing them to compose a new tweet.


Users can write the text of their tweet, in the same way, they would do it on or using other Twitter clients. Keep in mind that writing and posting a tweet from this dialog (by clicking on a Tweet button) will send the tweet out and it will be publicly available.

4. User account settings


The name of the currently logged in user will appear in the top left corner of the toolbar. By clicking on the user’s name, several options will become available.


Those options are:

i) Account settings – enabling users to access their account settings and change, for example, their password and their name, invite other users and similar options

ii) Logout – enabling users to log out of the session and leave the Dashboard