The Sidebar is positioned on the left-hand side of the interface – on mobile devices, it might look different. The sidebar itself is made up of several components.


Those components are:

  • A component with key indicators and
  • Last 30 days component
1. Key indicators component

This component features the logo of the pilot or an organisation, and below the logo, there are three key indicators.


The three indicators are:

  • Number of young people
  • Number of policy makers and
  • Number of contributions made

They provide a quick and handy overview of the current key indicators and their values. All three indicators are clickable and by clicking on Young people or Policy makers – users will be taken to Handles page with corresponding handles available, while clicking on the Contributions will take users to the Contributions page. Both Handles and Contributions are going to be described later in this document.

2. Last 30 days component

This component will show data relevant to the activities in the past 30 days – in our example, we can see conversation contributions handle.