Infographics are the place where users can upload their image files – infographics. It is very simple image repository and management system.


By clicking on a button Upload new infographics, an image upload dialog will appear allowing the users to select a local image file and upload it to the Dashboard. Once the upload is completed, a thumbnail of an image will be generated and visible on the screen.

To edit, delete or get more information about the specific uploaded infographics, users will click on it, and they will be presented with a simple image management interface.

Image management and the Image toolbar


The available options are located within the toolbar as shown here:


  • Link – will allow users to get a link to the image itself so it can be easily shared with others
  • Tweet – allows users to tweet the image
  • Magnifier – allows users to zoom in or zoom out
  • Download – allows users to download the image to their local computer
  • Info – displays the sidebar with the general information about the image
  • Trash – allows users to delete the uploaded image