1. How can I gain access to the dashboard?

#ASK Dashboard is an Open Source software freely available for everyone to host on their own infrastructure. Instruction on how to set up your own instance can be found on project GitHub page https://github.com/askyouth

2. How can I add users to the dashboard?

To allow other users access to the dashboard, log in to the dashboard and navigate to `Account settings` by clicking your name in top right corner of the screen. Choose `Users` from the menu on the left and click on `Invite user` button. Fill out required fields and click on `Invite` to send invitation. User will receive email with the instructions how to access the dashboard.

3. How can I publish a new contribution?

New contribution can be published by either composing new tweet mentioning Policy Maker and Youth or by replying to an existing tweet from Policy Maker or Youth and mentioning other camp.

4. How can I synchronize handles with Twitter?

Dashboard allows you to synchronize handles with Twitter list for better experience when using Twitter directly. To enable this feature, first create two Twitter lists and navigate to `Account settings` page by clicking on your name in top right corner of screen and clicking on `Lists` in the menu on the left. Then assign list to synchronize Youth and Policy Maker handles.

5. How can I create new topic?

To create new topic, navigate to `Topic` in main menu and click on `Manage topics` link. You will be presented with the interface to manage existing topic and creating new ones. Click on link `Create new topic`, enter topic name and press Enter. To assign keyword to topic, select newly created topic and fill out `Relevant keywords` field.

6. How can I add new handles?

To add new handles, navigate to `Handles` in the main menu. Under the `Add new handle` label there are three controls for adding handles. First, from the drop down menu, select handle camp, then enter Twitter handle and press Enter. Checkbox `Automatically follow on Twitter` can be marked if that feature is desired.