1. Overview

Conversations are the centerpiece of the Dashboard and its brokered conversation efforts. This is the location where tweets related to certain topics or coming from handles associated with certain topics are shown. In this place, conversations can be assigned to one of the available topics.


To quickly navigate through available topics, users can either click on the < and > near the topic names, or they can use the dropdown menu and select any available topic.

In the screenshot above, we are located within the All topics item, and we can see conversations that have been associated with various topics.

2. Searching, filtering and assigning topics to conversation

There are several filtering and search options available. Using them, advanced filtering and powerful queries can be performed.

searching_filtering _assigning

Contributions to conversations can be started from either Policy makers, Youth or both groups. Using the Show contributions dropdown, we can apply the desired filter.

Additionally, if we want to see all contributions where both groups participated (regardless of who started the conversation), we can check the Both groups got involved checkbox.

To additional analyse conversations, we can apply numerical filters. That way, we can narrow down our selection to only those contributions satisfying those conditions. For example, we might be interested in looking for contributions with at least 3 participants and with at least 3 tweets. That setting would look like this:

searching_filtering _assigning2

The key activity is, however, assigning topics to certain contributions. That is easily achieved by clicking on a dropdown menu as shown in the next screenshot:

searching_filtering _assigning3

Once the topic has been assigned, we can easily apply filters to get to that conversation. For example, to see all conversations related to Environment, we would select Environment from the topmost dropdown, and this would be the result:

 searching_filtering _assigning4