Content area

The content area takes up the majority of the space available in the Home age. All Twitter users will find it very recognisable as it mimics the Twitter feed design. This area is showing, in real-time, tweets arriving from the handles we are following, or ones related to the topics we are following.


The content area itself can be divided into three components:

  • Compose new Tweet
  • New tweets activity bar and
  • Timeline feed

All three are described in the next chapters.

1. Compose new tweet

With the same functionality as the Compose new tweet button, this component allows users to create their tweets and send them.


Users can easily click in the text box area and start typing the content of their tweet and then easily send it.

2. New tweets activity bar

Right below the area for composing new tweets is the New tweets activity bar. This bar shows, in real-time how many tweets have arrived.


By clicking on it, those tweets will be loaded and displayed. Depending on the activity, the number of tweets being collected in real-time can be very high, so you could easily see a number of tweets arriving go into hundreds.

3. Timeline feed

The timeline feed is the feed showing all tweets that arrived. It almost identically resembles the Tweet feed on Dashboard loads the tweets and displays them in the timeline view.


Users can interact with the shown tweets familiarly as they would do on itself. Clicking on a specific tweet will show that tweet in a context (thread) and will allow users to reply to the tweets sender.