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Babel international is a non‐for‐profit association, based in Strasbourg France, hosting 14 member organisations in Europe. Its objective is to promote the emergence of a European public opinion by editing the European online magazine cafebabel.com in 6 languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish) targeting the euro‐generation (18 to 35 years old) and organising events and meetings in Europe involving young people to discuss major EU policy issues. Babel International gathers a network of 1 500 young people aged from 16 to 35 years old in Europe, present in 24 local offices and 14 member associations in Europe. Throughout the years, Babel International has developed a true expertise in the following fields :

  • European online journalism for young citizens at cafebabel.com: bottom‐up way a producing information + society and culture approach to journalism to reach young Europeans and NGO’s and have them express and debate about the main issues at stakes in the framework of the European elections’ 09
  • Animation of online blogging ‘babelblog’ platform present in all major European cities and providing young people with local European information and online debate
  • eParticipation of young European citizens and community based communication: innovation in using social networks (Facebook, Twitter), dedicated emailing and targeted display advertising for partners.
  • Organisation of participatory debates in Europe : 20 local debates are organised all around Europe gathering young people, civil society actors and political representative to discuss political issues in a European perspective
  • Organisation of annual Summer University, gathering young people from all around Europe to discuss the future of Europe and of European medias, network and capacity building at a European level.

Today, Cafébabel counts more than 230,000 visitors per month (89% of young people) and is based on a unique network of 20 local offices in 17 countries, 9,000 enrolled in the community, 1500 volunteer contributors (writers and translators) and a team of professionals based in Paris.

Cafébabel is an innovation in the field of European citizenship and has become a benchmark for the European citizen journalism, through its non-formal and participatory approach to Europe. Space for dialogue in civil society, Cafébabel gives voice to citizens, educates and informs on the major issues of European integration and organizes youth meetings and debates throughout Europe