Project Overview


The main objective of the project is to create the necessary structures so as to promote entrepreneurship between the regions of Thessaloniki and Blagoevgrad through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).


Electronic platforms will be developed through the use of which enterprises will be able to:

  • establish business networks
  • promote business deals
  • find the proper, specialized personnel for their needs
  • specialize their abilities through the use of training programs α
  • maximize the utility of the public sector.


The project addresses present weaknesses in the cross border area by focusing on the fields of business development, cooperation and employment, as diagnosed in the stategy of the present Programme. It thus seeks to support the employment rate, the integration of the economies, to narrow the lack of employee specialization or the lack o highly specialized human resources through the use of ICT.

Additionally, the organization of information days, a conference and two business excellence ceremonies will complement the project’s activities to achieve outreach.




  • The e-Business Networking platform will operate as a bridge for developing business synergies among enterprises as it will give the opportunity to insert Business profiles as well as products/services offered and through a sophisticated algorithm matching enterprises according to their needs.
  • The e-Recruitment platform will be developed on the same principles and will provide advanced functionality to employers giving them the opportunity to determine their needs of human resources, based on criteria, for every work position and notify the potential candidates automatically.
  • The e-Ombudsman will be a “Digital Businessman Advocate” which will provide mediation between the enterprises and the public institutions’ services in order to improve the communication and cooperation between the companies and the Public Administration.
  • The e-Learning platform will offer a collaborative training space for business professionals. Moreover, the features of the platform will provide opportunities for collaboratively and aggregatively shaping material relevant to the courses building thus on Web 2.0 principles. In addition, certain events will be organized in the course of the project such as open international information days, conferences, workshops and training seminars to reach as many stakeholders as possible.



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